Learning Along the Way

By Kelsey Judd, Intern
Moving to New York City from an incredibly small town in Rexburg, ID that I go to school in, it is amusing to look at my learning curve in trying to navigate The Big Apple. Native to Kansas City, KS, I am familiar with a larger city, but being stuck in Rexburg for some time has had its wear.
Let me humor you with the obvious but not so obvious for me:
• Apparently there is a difference between the “express” train and “local” train, as well as the trains going uptown and downtown.
• It is not, I repeat, it is not a great idea to walk on grates. You could lose a heel, like me.
• Edging halfway out onto the crosswalk during slushy weather will result in a taxi cab spraying you.
It’s fun, right? Starting my second week now and I can proudly say I am able to navigate the subway system, avoid grates, and dodge taxis flying by.
Learning as I go, I feel lucky to have Fusion PR at my side. Already I am doing a variety of new tasks, such as briefing documents and clip reports. My co-workers are remarkably talented. Fortunately no disastrous events have happened at work causing me to learn the hard way. My first week in the city was already embarrassing enough!
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