IT Superhero Franco and Charlie the IT Dog Make the NY Post

Mark of the Fusion NY team took a break from client media relations.  He saw a HARO inquiry about employees that take their pets to work, pitched our very own Franco and his sidekick Charlie, and the result was this hit in the NY Post this weekend.  PR, it is a beautiful thing!  See below for the relevant excerpt.

Others, like Franco Barbara of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, can’t imagine their daily commute without their pup.He and his 10-year-old Pekinese, Charlie, travel together to his job in Times Square — a one-hour trip each way on the D train.“I bring him in a big, roomy bag,” says Barbara. “He’s been known to hop out, especially when he smells another dog owner.”

CIThread pixelCharlie, about that roast beef I just slipped you – you’re welcome!

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