My Storify Wrap of Economist Big Rethink

Big Rethink Panel on Content Marketing

Big Rethink Panel on Content Marketing

L26A1132Economist Big Rethink Redux

Economist Big Rethink Redux

I had the pleasure of attending The Economist’s Big Rethink conference in NY last week as a member of the media, after my friend Judy Gombita pulled some strings.

  1. Most of our clients are tech startups; the
    conference offered a CMO-level view of changes that are rocking the worlds of marketing and digital media. It let me see how the “big boys” do these things. Here were some of the highlights, including my live tweets.
  2. How do we deliver content with value? Start with what fascinates people & demonstrate expertise – Amanda MacKenzie #CMO @Aviva #bigrethink
  3. RT @christalago: Would you pay for Ad free Twitter? If not, do you know the trade you’re making with your data? #BigRethink
  4. “Understanding passion points and interests” is key for brand-consumer connection. @Unilever‘s Project Sunlight is a great eg #BigRethink
  5. Survey of #BigRethink audience: coolest thing brands can do on social: respond directly to user comments and tweets
  6. Make sure @rgeller you listen to @terryoinfluence recent (@cbcradio) show on Viral Videos BEFORE it goes behind the paywall…. #BigRethink


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