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Are You Leaving Out An Important Media Outlet?

Are You Leaving Out An Important Media Outlet?

By: Suzanne McGee, Account Director, Fusion PR (@mcgeepr)

While many are bemoaning the death of print or questioning the value of TV, they have missed one important outlet that is rapidly growing: National Public Radio. It is not only expanding its listenership, it is using a lot of social media to meet people where ever they are via blogs, podcasts, Twitter, mobile applications and more.

Want some stats to back up what they are doing? Below are a couple of numbers, explaining why NPR is the Future of Mainstream Media, by Josh Catone:

“Their 26.4 million weekly listeners are 11 times more than the daily circulation of USA Today, and greater than 9 times more than the prime time viewership of the #1 cable news channel in the US, Fox News. They have 860 local stations in their member network and operate 38 news bureaus around the world — 18 in foreign markets, which is greater than any other news gathering organization. NPR’s amazing growth over the past 10 years prompted FastCompany magazine in March to call NPR the “most successful hybrid of old and new media,” and wonder if NPR could be the savior of the news industry.”

Take 10 minutes during your lunch break to read the entire piece as it’s really worth understanding this media channel and including it and corresponding local stations on your outreach. You can’t afford to leave this media outlet off your list. In fact, you should also be giving it a listen for both local and national news. Shockingly, you may learn something new!
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