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Author: Fusion Staff

Why choosing PR is a smart career choice, especially for women

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern Why choosing  PR is a smart career choice, especially for women   Many college students across the globe yearn to find internships during the school year or over the summer to gain real world experience in the area of their choosing. Internships are becoming

My First Week at Fusion

By John Tateossian, Intern   Starting a new adventure can always make you nervous or anxious. Especially when you start this adventure in a place you are not used to or have never been. When I learned I would be given the opportunity to be an intern

140 Characters or Less

By Jennifer Ren, Intern   We all know that one person who is constantly updating their Twitter or Facebook, letting their followers know when they eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and every detail in between all in 140 characters or less. Social media, and the constant need to

Welcome to the Real World

By Mona Al-Hazza, Intern   The city of education is Boston. Everyone has heard of it. I graduated from Boston; we all know how well Boston is doing with education. Has anyone heard of the city of opportunities? It is New York City which has also provided

Public Relations: Around the World

By Jennifer Ren, Intern   Leaving New York City and moving across the world to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates was a huge change. Adding to the changing environments, cultures and people was having the opportunity to intern at a US-based public relations firm in

What's up with TVs?

By Kristie Neo, Intern   I’ve been trawling through the newsfeed of announcements from CES currently taking place in Las Vegas and all I’m getting out of it are TVs. Well, most of it at least. Just before opening day, Samsung, LG, Sharp and Sony all came out with

The Invisible Warriors: Millennials & Social Media

By Laura Davenport, Intern Lazy, they call us. Apathetic, they accuse. Insults like these, and many others aside—materialistic, selfish, and lacking in focus, to name a few—are leveled at the Millennial Generation on a regular basis. When they accuse us of these charges, I wonder to

The Never-Ending Chase After “Cool”

By: Megan Li, Intern As a new intern at Fusion PR, there is plenty to learn and experience but there’s been one thing that sticks out to me the most. It’s the reality that some of the top tech companies have done such a good job

SXSW '14: Lessons, Observations, Free Hugs and Hashtags

Last week I made it out to Austin, TX for the ever-so-popular South by Southwest (SXSW) conference. Big tech companies such as Yahoo!, Spotify, Samsung, Pandora and Vevo filled the streets and various venues throughout downtown Austin. If you’re not familiar with the setup of