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See You at Social Tools Summit Boston in 2 Weeks

I am very much looking forward to Social Tools Summit (#SocialTools16) in Boston on Tuesday April 12, where I will be speaking about influencer marketing. Neal Schaffer and Brian Mahony invited me back following last year's Boston event, which was a blast (see my blog wrap),

Meetup Explores the Art of the PR Pitch

The NYC PR Innovators meetup hosted a session on The Art (and Science) of the PR Pitch at District CoWork last week, where I participated as a panelist. Over 50 people attended, and organizer Erin Commarato ran a very lively and interactive session. I am new

Tech PR in Asia: Myths and Misconceptions

As a tech PR agency - one with clients that sell chips and components to mobile and CE device vendors - we are often asked about getting media coverage Asia. That's because most of the related manufacturing is done in places like China, Korea and Taiwan. 

Launch 2013 Wrap

I like to write about the booming tech sector in NY, which recently eclipsed Boston in terms of behind VC-funded startups. However, a few days at Launch 2013 in San Francisco convinced me that NY has quite a ways to go to catch up to

Tips I Picked Up From My Week at CES

  Last week I got the opportunity to attend my very first CES in Las Vegas, and I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive the days leading up to the trade show. However, I’m happy to report that I survived the week and picked up

Spotlight on our newest AAE, Michelle Suconick

Hello Fusionites and followers! During the past few weeks our latest AAE Michelle Suconick [@PRmodeMich] has been settling into her cube [formerly occupied by Charlie, the office dog and his IT human] in the NYC offices and it’s time we learned a little more about her

Welcome David and Nikki!

This week we had two new team members join our NY office, David Worthington and Nikki Black. We thought it would be important to learn a little more about them and introduce them to the Fusion community via a quick interview. After I put the

Fusion LA Frosts NY in Valentine's Day Bakeoff

It started with sweater fuzz balls (AKA the ugly Christmas sweater contest). Since then tempers have been flaring. Now the nasty East Coast - West coast skirmish that's threatened to divide the PR field (well tech PR field, well Fusion PR) has gone to the next round