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Who Is Steve Adman?

By: Bennie Sham, Account Coordinator, Fusion PRNo one is more diligent researching high-profiled people who have skeletons in their closets than ‘the public.’ As ‘Client 9’ becomes yesterday’s news, (actually still wondering the identity of clients 1-8) another politician’s dirty laundry has surfaced (thanks,

Is Web 2.0 Right for Your Company?

By: Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, FusionPR Recently I was asked by one of my former clients, “How effective is the use of blogs for internal corporate communications?” He was trying to determine how blogs work best as part

Love Is In The Air For YAHOO!

By Beth Fichtel, VP, Fusion PR In case you have been working under a rock, Microsoft has been trying to acquire Yahoo for 42.1 billion. Clearly this would help to increase Microsoft's audience, further its reach for advertising

New Social Media Release Option

By Bob Geller, SVP Fusion PRJust thought I would update my December post Distributing your Social Media Release by noting that there is a new option to consider.Just this week, Marketwire announced a Social Media 2.0 SMR service, you can read about it in an

Authentic Leadership

By: Kathy Archer, Senior Account Manager Managing Management Styles Managers are scrutinized closely based on their style of management and how they use it to handle various situations. In public relations consulting, it’s important to identify which

Media Fan Club – Are You a Member?

By: Suzanne McGee, Director Generally speaking, PR professionals received plenty of advice last year about how to pitch and to whom, but what actually are agencies doing to change their ways? How are they working with their staff to ensure that they are

On Root Metaphors and Public Relations

By Robert Brumfield, Account Manager, Fusion DC“A root metaphor is the underlying worldview that shapes an individual's understanding of a situation. Examples would be understanding health as a mechanical process, or seeing life as the natural expression of an "ideal" form (e.g., the acorn that

Pitch Stories, Not Ideas

By Bob Geller, SVPThere are more places than ever to launch your own content. But until you or your clients are A list bloggers, or you have your own MSM soapbox, your success will still to a large part depend on your ability to

"Weblog" Originator Shares Top Blogging Tips

By Asif Husain, Director, Fusion PR L.A. OfficeBelieve it or not, it’s been 10 years since Blogs first appeared, or at least since the term was created. Not just a fad as initially predicted, Blogs have stuck and evolved past online diaries to become

Social Media "Experts"

By: Ben BaruchSr. Account ExecutiveI am by no stretch an expert on social media and don’t know many people that are. There are people who are supposedly educated on this and are constantly reading and updating their thoughts and thought processes accordingly, but this