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#MyFirstBlog @FusionPR

By Gabby Cox, Intern (@omgitsgabz) I’ve had the pleasure of interning at the Fusion LA office for about two weeks. In a short amount of time, I’ve already been introduced to the power of social media in a way I have never seen before. I write on

A Good Visit

by Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)Yesterday's visit from BYU-Idaho students and faculty was a bit daunting. There were about 25 attendees (give or take a few) and I'll be the first to admit that I still get nervous presenting to a large crowd. But

BYU-Idaho Students Tour NYC and Fusion

By Meghan O'Hara, Internship Program Coordinator (@meghan_ohara)This week, we are excited to be welcoming a group of students from BYU Idaho to our New York office to learn more about Fusion and the world of PR. This group of students was selected to come to

Where Are They Now?

By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead, (@beesham)Over the past few years, Fusion's internship program has developed into a highly-attractive opportunity for students who are looking to get real hands-on experience in the public relations field. We've worked with some great students, who have helped us

The Great Intern Hunt ‘10

By Justin Finnegan, Senior Account Executive, (@justinfinnegan)In PR, there’s a point almost every year when our action items lists are filled to capacity and, as an agency, we collectively look around and say, ”Where are the interns?”In order to help lighten the load, I’ll be

A Lesson Learned

By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)Since Kanye West's unfortunate behavior at this past weekend's VMAs, everyone has thrown their two cents into the ring. Celebrities are lashing out at his rude interruption to Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Even the President

No Pay? No Problem

By Bennie Sham, Internship Program Lead (@beesham)In our current economic situation, many are finding it difficult to get a paying job. It's a very competitive time right now, especially between recent grads and recently laid-off workers. The Boston Globe reported earlier today that recent grads