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Pitching the Big Wigs: What to say in your 7 seconds

By: Talia Andrews, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PRAh…building relationships with the big guys… a task that every PR professional has been intimidated by at some point in their career. Will you get hung up on? Yes. Will you get insulted? That depends…but most likely. Will

The Professional Blur

By, Asif Husain, Director, Los Angeles office, Fusion PRHere’s a blog post about a blog post discussing another blog post. Awesome! So, why you ask? Because I want to do two things: 1) Remind everyone about the level of professionalism we

Web 2.0 isn’t dead! Not even close.

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Exective, FusionPRThere are a lot of writers, analysts and investors today, waiting for the next Internet bubble to burst. In the midst of a recession – an economic situation similar to the last bubble burst – investors are slow to

La nuova Bocca di verità: Web 2.0

By Asif Husain, Director, L.A.No thanks to Hollywood (see any movie or TV show featuring a publicist) the Public Relations industry gets a bad rep. It’s one thing when we can blame this perceived “shadiness” on misguided make-believe, but it’s a whole other issue

Defending Those “Cozy” Media Relationships

By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, NY There are some blog rumblings raising alarms about the “cozy relationships” that apparently exist between PR agents and the media. As the stories go, PR people and journalists cut