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The Professional Blur

By, Asif Husain, Director, Los Angeles office, Fusion PRHere’s a blog post about a blog post discussing another blog post. Awesome! So, why you ask? Because I want to do two things: 1) Remind everyone about the level of professionalism we

Smile Like You Mean It

By: Amber Henrie, Account Executive, Fusion PR Yesterday, while watching the press conference announcing the 2007-2008 Tony Award Nominations, the two MCs, 2007 award winner David Hyde Pierce and Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez, were less then compelling as I was

The Driver’s Ed of PR

By: Janet Park, Account Executive, Fusion PR Most PR professionals have learned basic PR 101 skills and is constantly schooled on How Not to Pitch a Reporter, but many of us still seem to make the same mistakes. A recent Gawker

The Tradeshow Booth Briefing Two-step

By: Bob Geller, SVP, Fusion PRIt is beneficial when the people we want to engage, take the time to explain in detail how to do this better.On that note, I just thought I would call out an article in ClickZ, Marketing to the Media, by