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Required Reading: "Behind the Scenes" in Tech PR

“So they put over 820 million whosawhatsits on the thingy and provided 2.0 Gigasomethings, coupled with a gizmo that drives another doohickey! …And that’s why we’re the leader in innovation.” Yeah. Right. What he said.

Wireless Week Makes More Changes…

By, Fusion StaffWe’re starting to feel like we’re watching "As The Media Turns." My colleagues and I are sorry to hear that Brad Smith is retiring from his post as technology editor at Wireless Week. While we don’t doubt it’s a well-deserved break and opportunity to

Head in the Clouds??

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PR It’s easy for people to get confused by tech concepts today, especially with the sheer number of technology advancements, software developer kits (SDK) and concepts being thrown left and right in the media. The