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Lamenting a Dying Career

Written by Mark Prindle   I couldn’t help but be curious when Yahoo! flashed the headline “Dying Careers You Should Avoid,” so I clicked on the link to read of such no-longer-in-demand positions as ‘Desktop Publisher,’ ‘Semiconductor Processor’ and ‘Auto Insurance Appraiser.’  And there it was –

List Mania – Just Can’t Stop Reading ‘Em!

By, Suzanne McGee, Account Director, Fusion PRI’m a list junkie at the end of every year. I can’t stop reading people’s Best Of Lists along with their favorite bombs. It’s interesting to get an annual perspective on trends, successes, failures and points of interest. Each

Virginia Tech tragedy and user generated content

By Beth Fichtel, Vice President, Global Central Media Team, N.Y. The recent USA Today article by Robert Bianco, “Wall-to-wall coverage reflects monumental scale, sadness” takes a fascinating look at how the coverage unfolded during the Virginia Tech tragedy. This is a clear