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The Advent of User-generated PR

By: Bob Geller, Sr. Vice President, Fusion PRIf you are in tech PR, it might seem that there are fewer places to go to pitch your story these days. The trades have been consolidating and shrinking for some time. True, the shrinkage

La nuova Bocca di verità: Web 2.0

By Asif Husain, Director, L.A.No thanks to Hollywood (see any movie or TV show featuring a publicist) the Public Relations industry gets a bad rep. It’s one thing when we can blame this perceived “shadiness” on misguided make-believe, but it’s a whole other issue

Virginia Tech tragedy and user generated content

By Beth Fichtel, Vice President, Global Central Media Team, N.Y. The recent USA Today article by Robert Bianco, “Wall-to-wall coverage reflects monumental scale, sadness” takes a fascinating look at how the coverage unfolded during the Virginia Tech tragedy. This is a clear