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Token Boost

Are you ready for an ICO?

Fusion combines tech, smart contract development, strategy, marketing, communications, and content services that maximize ICOs

It’s a noisy world and a never-ending battle for the consumer’s attention. The din is especially deafening in the white-hot crypto-currency space. People are trying their best to understand what it all means – and where to put their time and money.

How do you get them to focus on your ICO? What steps are needed to launch and succeed? And how can you build a strong brand over the long term – one that sustains the value of the token and business?

There are important steps along the way and each can be critical the effort.

TokenBoost from Fusion PR can help. It combines strategy, marketing, communications, and content services that educate, differentiate, inform and build participation in ICOs. A partnership with New York-based partners adds smart contracts, web development, video production and bounty programs. Together, the two firms provide all the elements needed to launch a successful ICO and sustain long-term success.

TokenBoost includes:

  • Smart contract and ICO platform development
  • Buzz campaigns and bounty programs that drive early interest during the all-important pre-sale
  • Web, video and white paper content development
  • Launch events and campaigns to make the ICO pop
  • Media relations that reach the crypto-trades, tech blogs, major media, and industry press
  • Social media and PR support to build long-term brand and success
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