Case Study: Pivoting a Major Brand

Fusion helped Amdocs expand its positioning from being known as the leader in BSS/OSS for telecom and network operators to also include customer experience innovation.  The company had long been established as the number one player in billing, but it actually had been providing far broader services enabling some of the world’s leading telecom and network providers to optimize user experience for their customers.  Fusion was a key part of establishing this brand for Amdocs and in doing so, tackled some of the most interesting and diverse areas of the industry like cloud, NVF, security, RAN, and mobile financial services.  Fusion led strategic media campaigns, working closely with key executives, to coach, build effective and provocative stories.


January 10, 2017


Cloud, Customer Experience, Mobile Financial Services, NVF, Telecom

BSS/OSS, Cloud, Customer Experience, Mobile Financial Services, Network, NVF, Telecom