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Case Study: Driving Hospital Care with Data

Case Study: Driving Hospital Care with Data

Hospital IQ combines two areas: predictive analytics and healthcare, the latter, an industry that has notoriously resisted change and innovation. But reform shifted cost and risk to hospitals in recent years, driving the need for Hospital IQ’s solution, which applies proven operations research to improving these factors through smarter data-driven decision making. In a few short months, Fusion got press results that positioned Hospital IQ as a beacon of innovation and created a  thought leadership position in a rapidly evolving industry. Securing coverage in nearly every major healthcare-focused trade publication, the Fusion team has been keen to always find the ‘story’ of each client, and with Hospital IQ, that story is that innovation will wait for no one – and here’s how to get on board now.


January 5, 2017


Analytics, Efficiency, Healthcare, IT


Analytics, Efficiency, Healthcare, Hospital, IT, Medtech