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Tapping New Content and News Distribution Channels


It’s a new world when it comes to news consumption.  More often than not, people are discovering hot stories and trends on social networks.  The networks and algorithms are the gatekeepers, and they present users with information based on preferences and what is popular in their circles

Fusion PR can help you succeed, and help your news hit home to the right audiences.

We can:

Build brand awareness and loyalty with end user communities

Spark a revolution that spreads on social

Grow your owned and social media footprints, giving your brand a powerful megaphone

Master the art of social networking content targeting and distribution

Tap the power of influencer marking to earn validation and expand audience

We know who the top sharers and influencers are in your market space.

We can loop them in and get them to share your content across their networks.  We’re specialists in social media and content promotion and distribution, and inbound/content marketing.  We can build your website, owned media channels and implement closed loop marketing to bring in leads.

We also use social network ads to get your news in front of highly targeted audiences on all social networks, in the form of sponsored / promoted stories; it’s less expensive than a wire and works better.