Case Study: Disrupting an industry

When a cross section of industries cried out for a solution for real-time delivery of stored data, including heavy data like video, FusionIO led the race to deliver pioneering products in the area of solid state storage.  FusionPR launched FusionIO to tremendous response from the media and analyst communities.  FusionIO, lauded by the analyst community, appeared across industry, trade and national media and blogs. As the Company achieved international recognition, the renowned Steve Wozniak was compelled to join their board.  Fusion had the honor of working closely with the “Woz’ to leverage his involvement with the Company to the media. We also established and supported a number of key events that helped to build valuation and excitement for the company.  FusionIO ultimately went on to one of the most successful IPOs of its time.


January 5, 2017


Enterprise, HPC, SAN, Solid State Storage, Storage, Virtualization

Enterprise, HPC, NAS, SAN, Solid State Storage, Storage, Virtualization