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Case Study: Building a Brand in Data-driven Threat Detection

Case Study: Building a Brand in Data-driven Threat Detection

Fusion introduced ThetaRay to the US market as a data-driven cybersecurity vendor for IT networks and critical infrastructure.  We significantly raised the company’s profile through feature stories and thought leadership commentary in the security trade publications and business media.  Fusion then helped extend ThetaRay’s positioning to operational risk solutions for the financial industry, while retaining its hard-earned reputation for cyber security expertise. We introduced the company to the financial sector through a number of briefings and feature articles in financial trade media and industry analysts. Meanwhile, we continued to offer expert commentary on cybersecurity news like the 2015 ‘airline hack’ controversy, securing placement in top blogs and publications such as Mashable, Reuters and American Banker. Fusion built a brand architecture and messaging that support both the financial and cyber security sectors, with the emphasis on risk.


January 10, 2017


AML, Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Online Lending


AML, Bank fraud, Critical infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Online Lending