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Case Study: Creating an Industry

Case Study: Creating an Industry

Fusion helped establish Valen as a pioneer and leader in predictive analytics. Valen set out to disrupt the industry by introducing game-changing ways in which insurance policies are evaluated and issued. In an industry where relying on float revenue isn’t a sustainable strategy, Valen has proven to be invaluable to their customers, leveraging insights garnered from predictive analytics to mine and drive hidden revenue opportunities.  Fusion, serving as a partner in crafting marketing strategy and messaging, positioned Valen at the forefront of the industry, by educating about the actuarial and underwriting world about the complexities and applications of analytics.  As the market matured, Fusion has helped solidify Valen’s position as the undisputed predictive analytics leader.  The company has appeared hundreds of times in all key industry publications, national media and elsewhere; bylines proved to be an effective strategy in furthering Valen’s thought leadership bona fides.


January 10, 2017


Analytics, Data Mining, Finance, Fintech, Insurance, Predictive Analytics


Data Mining, Finance, Insurance, Predictive Analytics