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RSS makes your news the top story

RSS makes your news the top story

By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, NY

Some say RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Others say it means Rich Site Summary.

The words are right there in the first definition – Really Simple – so why haven’t the majority of PR folks jumped on the RSS bandwagon in droves?

It is a mystery to me, as I can say for my part that using RSS has drastically improved my ability to sift through the fire hose of daily news and online discussion and be on top of what is important to my clients and me.

It really feels good to be the first to spot a hit, important blog post or breaking news. Since I started using RSS several years ago, I have been able to impress clients and industry peers alike with this ability.

And isn’t that what being a NewsMaster Flash is all about?

In terms of RSS basics, a good place to start would be to check out the archive of a symposium I ran last year ago for the International Association of Online Communicators’ blog on the topic (Welcome to RSS Basics Week). Also, here is Wikipedia’s definition of RSS.

The reason I am an RSS zealot is simple: it allows me to get timely updates, sift through more information more quickly and zero in on what is important.

You can read more about how to use RSS for better news and opinion tracking by visiting Flack’s Revenge.

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