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Author: Fusion Staff

What is Public Relations Anyway?

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern What is Public Relations Anyway? As graduation season quickly approaches, many students will be faced with the infamous question; what did you major in? Unlike other somewhat obvious majors like computer science or history, public relations students are usually asked a follow up

Surviving an Ever-Evolving Field

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern It’s no secret that the public relations field has been changing throughout the years. With the rise of social media and digital content, the industry has gone through a major shift. No longer are public relations professionals strictly focused on targeting

Jackpot! Maximizing Exposure to Gain Followers

By Vincent Frazzetto, Intern   There is a lot of buzz around the $1 billion Powerball lottery regardless of the 1-in-279 million odds to actually win the drawing. People continue to pay into the hype of being the one in the equation. In today’s competitive capitalistic business

When Hashtags Become a PR Disaster

By David Berezin, Intern   Trending hashtags are an opportunity to gain attention for your brand. If you include a popular hashtag in one of your brand’s tweets, that tweet could be seen by thousands – if not millions – of people. Before you use a trending

7 Amazing Technologies from October's NY Tech Meetup

By David Berezin, Intern Earlier this month, NY Tech Meetup hosted its October tech meetup, which featured live demos from several amazing tech companies. These are some of the technologies featured: Plucked Plucked is a web app that provides high school students with unlimited free college applications, as

Why You Shouldn't Censor Customer Complaints on Social Media

  By David Berezin, Intern Halloween may be rolling around, but thanks to a huge social media blunder, Party City has a lot more to worry about than selling costumes.  The retail chain came under fire for removing a customer complaint on its Facebook page. The complaint came

Twitter Begins to Make the eCommerce Push

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern   With Twitter starting to lose its momentum slightly in 2015, it has finally decided to make the push towards e-commerce. Twitter has begun to make it easier for users to view products they might be interested in purchasing.  It is only in

Do Millenials Care About the News?

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern   As I was working on a media list earlier today to find publications targeted towards millennials, I came across many interesting articles that seemed to question whether or not millennials even care about the news anymore. I found that there have been

The Different Fields of PR

By John Tateossian, Intern   Growing up, I did not ever think about going into Public Relations. In fact, it wasn’t until late into my high school career that I even found out what it is PR professionals do. Even to this day, I am learning more

Facebook Adds Another News Feed Algorithm

By Leigh Kurtzman, Intern   Though Facebook already uses many algorithms to track user engagement and decide what appears on one’s news feed, it has now created another one. This new algorithm has the ability to track how much time users spend looking at their news feeds,