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It's More Like Court Ordered Custody Than an Affair

By: Suzanne McGee, Account Director (@mcgeepr)Andrew Fowler’s recent post about press releases caught my eye. “PR’s love affair with press releases,” outlines his concerns about the massive number of press releases posted and distributed every year. Fair enough to call out numbers and question the

The Research Wire-Trap

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PR (@chrisamichaels)Recently I received an e-mail blast of a study conducted by a company that was obviously hired by a newswire service. It claimed that service XXX was so much better than the rest because it garnered more

The Crowdsourcing Phenomenon

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PRA few weeks ago, I was going through my HARO distribution, and came across a unique opportunity to submit a client for a story in a highly-respected small-business and VC publication. The reporter asked people

Playing With Giants – Without Getting Stepped On…

By: Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PRRecently, my client and I had an opportunity to participate in a rather large public event . We were asked by a large corporation to contribute to the event, by supplying the technology that enabled a public demonstration.

Press Releases Ignored?

By Carly Siegel, Intern, N.Y. With journalists ignoring 90% of the press releases they receive, as reported by David Brazea of Journal Marketing, strategy needs to be used in crafting announcements that are both favorable from the first

Avoiding Gobbledy Gook Puke

Does tech jargon have its place in PR writing By Bob Geller, Senior Vice President, N.Y. Steve Kayser of Cincom Expert Access blog had an excellent post (it appears to be written by David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of