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The Invisible Warriors: Millennials & Social Media

By Laura Davenport, Intern Lazy, they call us. Apathetic, they accuse. Insults like these, and many others aside—materialistic, selfish, and lacking in focus, to name a few—are leveled at the Millennial Generation on a regular basis. When they accuse us of these charges, I wonder to

PR Then & Now: Has It Really Changed?

by Alison Lee, Intern Within the past decade, PR experienced an extreme makeover. From blogs to smartphone apps, the exponential ascendancy of new media tools has gone as far as to replace hardcopy feedback with social media surveys, and T.V. with YouTube. Despite the transformation, has PR

How to Stand Out When Landing Your PR Internship

By Alison Lee, Intern Standing out in a sea of aspiring PR professionals in today’s industry is no simple task. A resume and cover letter are no longer the only items a supervisor reviews when selecting interns. Just as the ‘internship’ has transformed over the years,

Welcome to the 'Real World" Class of 2013

Time to find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real: The Real World If MTV’s iconic show about a bunch of twenty-somethings thrown together and living in the ‘real world’ was really true to life – there would be a lot

Live Tweeting: How it’s Made its Mark on Social Media

By Nicole Santos, Intern With the increase in social media usage by companies, brands, and even public figures (whether celebrities, politicians, or even a combination of both), it’s important to keep note of the constant changes and advances that come alongside these social media outlets. From

Fusion Public Relations Internship Program

Fusion Public Relations Internship Program Our internship program is designed to give college students the opportunity to work in the exciting and fast-paced profession of public relations.  We offer a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment where exceptional professionals can grow into excellent PR practitioners.  By fully immersing interns

How to Land a PR Internship

  By Baraneh Kazemi, Intern Is your resume updated? Have you edited that cover letter yet? How impressive are you with social media? As a recent marketing graduate, I can’t tell you how many times I faced these questions throughout my senior year – not only from myself

Spotlight on Allie Tedone

Spotlight on Allie Tedone By: Laura Baumann, Intern This week my blog post is dedicated to Allie Tedone, one of Fusion’s social media gurus. A member of the Fusion family since January, Allie is currently working as an assistant account executive and a member of the social media