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Spotlight on Allie Tedone

Spotlight on Allie Tedone

Spotlight on Allie Tedone

By: Laura Baumann, Intern

This week my blog post is dedicated to Allie Tedone, one of Fusion’s social media gurus.

A member of the Fusion family since January, Allie is currently working as an assistant account executive and a member of the social media team. There’s no denying it… Allie is truly good at what she does and her hard work has allowed her to take advantage of many amazing PR opportunities.  This week Allie sat down with the interns to share some of her career experience and PR expertise.  What I admire most about Allie is her passion for PR and her willingness to teach each one of us something new. Her knowledge of the business and her bubbly personality has made her a true success. Below you will find my interview with Allie and her thoughts on tech, the industry and her advice to aspiring PR pros!



1. Can you sum up your career in PR?

My career in PR continues to be a learning experience. Public relations, particularly in the agency setting, gives me the opportunity to learn about all sorts of [nerdy] topics so I am constantly challenged to keep absorbing new things… and occasionally know the really obscure media and tech answers at trivia night or on Jeopardy.


2. Where does your passion for PR come from?

I’m no good at being bored, which lends itself pretty well to a 24/7 profession like public relations. I studied media theory in college and my favorite classes always had to do with technology, media and culture so being the bridge between the technology and the public is perfect for me.


3. What is your typical day at Fusion?

Busy. A few 9a.m. meetings, lots of reporting back and forth and keeping track of a million little details for multiple clients.


4. How would you describe/define the management in the office?

They are great people to learn from, it’s a great environment to be starting out in because if I ever have a question I know I am welcome to pop in [or over a cubicle] and figure out an answer.


5. If you didn’t have a career in PR, what would have been your second choice?

Possibly graphic design, I’m determined to improve my Photoshop skills!


6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Who knows! I like a little adventure so the possibilities are endless; everyone needs PR…even resorts in far off tropical destinations you know. I love NYC so if I am still here living and working in 10 years that will be great.


7. How do you see the future of PR?

It’s a great time to be young and in the NY tech scene – as more and more industries begin to overlap with new technology I think public relations professionals are going to be key to helping the public adapt and explore new tech.


8. What advice would you give to young people starting their career in PR?

This job is much more rewarding if you are doing public relations in a field/s you has a natural curiosity about. The days are long and a real interest in what you’re doing helps!


9. What is your best and worst PR moment?

Worst: The first time I booked a client on a radio show all by myself and the client declined at the last minute. No surer way to feel like a jerk then to go back and say, never mind, they don’t want to do it anymore. It was my first real media hit and then it just fizzled.

Best: Anytime I leave someone in the media a message and they actually call me back! Even better if it leads to some type of coverage. It’s the little things in my life, really.


10. Is there anything you don’t like about PR? If so, what would it be?

Yes, when I call and call and email and no one ever gets back to me. The other day I actually had to tell a very sweet, but uninformed operator at a publication that the reporter she was trying to transfer me to didn’t work there anymore and that was exactly why I was calling. Sometimes the simplest answers are strangely difficult to find.




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