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The New York City Intern Life

By Katie Harty, Intern Thousands of college kids flock to the big city for the summer to get a chance to play a part of the corporate world by being an intern.  Twenty-something-year olds come from all over the world and file into vacant dorm rooms,

PR Agency: Behind the Scenes

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern   As I started my internship at Fusion, I couldn’t help but think about how a PR agencies work on a daily basis. Is PR really a harsh field? Thanks to my internship, I found the answers. Yes, PR is really a

Brown Bag Lunches

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern   For this weekly article, I'd like to talk about something proper to internal management of Fusion PR, the famous "Brown Bag Lunch." I know it can sound a bit like a picnic between colleagues but no, nothing related (or almost). First,

Welcome David and Nikki!

This week we had two new team members join our NY office, David Worthington and Nikki Black. We thought it would be important to learn a little more about them and introduce them to the Fusion community via a quick interview. After I put the

Spotlight on Allie Tedone

Spotlight on Allie Tedone By: Laura Baumann, Intern This week my blog post is dedicated to Allie Tedone, one of Fusion’s social media gurus. A member of the Fusion family since January, Allie is currently working as an assistant account executive and a member of the social media

Outstanding Work Doesn't Go Unnoticed…

By: Bennie Sham, Account Executive, Fusion PR (@beesham)At Fusion, we don’t often like to pat ourselves on the back… BUT we do like to pat those of our team members. As a result of outstanding work for one of its mobile clients (and great positioning