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The First Day Mentality: Why Being Indispensable Works

The First Day Mentality: Why Being Indispensable Works

By Laura Baumann, Intern

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since I first joined the Fusion Staff. When I think back to my first day I remember the excitement I felt when I stepped off the elevator and into the office. I was so eager to dive right into the work and immerse myself in everything the firm has to offer.

I’m sure at some point everyone has walked in an intern’s shoes and experienced the “first day mentality.”  Internships can be an excellent way for employers to get a good sense of a potential hire and see how hard-working or creative someone is. Interns generally inhabit an urge to learn and a desire to be involved in everything. Just as an intern wishes to gain knowledge from the staff, I believe the staff could learn a thing or two from the intern. In public relations, our every action is to prove to our clients that they couldn’t have done it without us. Being an indispensable employee makes us a resourceful and reliable asset to the company. Bosses and coworkers appreciate when someone has a willingness to learn new things. To be indispensable in the workplace means to go above and beyond what is required of you and to have a passion for what you are doing. As an intern, my overall experience and my future success depend heavily on the impression I make today. In a competitive industry it’s about who you know and what you bring to the table.  In order for anyone to move up the corporate ladder, it’s essential to demonstrate your passion and skills as a part of the company. Anyone can do what is asked of them but having an enthusiasm for learning is what creates value and makes your efforts seem well, effortless.

Being an indispensable employee isn’t hard; in fact a few small changes can make a huge difference. By simply being proactive and taking advantage of opportunities you immediately make yourself available. Don’t settle for only what’s given to you. Take your position to the next level by volunteering to take on writing assignments, research or anything else that will make someone’s job a little bit easier. By simply following through on assignments and completing things on time, you prove to your team that they can count on you. It’s also important not to just sit back and listen. Sometimes people are afraid to speak up and bring ideas to the table. It’s okay to be a part of the conversation and provide input.

Finally, you need to be able to adapt to your environment. The PR world is constantly changing and no matter what comes our way we need to be embrace change. Ultimately, success means identifying with your own talents. If you know what your passions are you can make that into a job.

Like my dad always says, “If you love what you’re doing you will never work a day in you life.”

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