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The Road to a Happy Client

By Laura Baumann, Intern Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with our clients is important for those of us in the public relations industry. PR success doesn’t just come from an effective press release or the right pitch, but from the strong bond the agency has

The Social Media Wall of Shame

By Laura Baumann, Intern Since the early 2000s social media communication has profoundly changed the way we interact with one another and the world around us. Today you can connect to someone through networking sites that cover virtually every special interest out there.  In fact, there

You Know You Work in PR When…

By Laura Baumann, Intern It takes a certain kind of person to thrive in PR. If you read any PR job posting you will find that to work in this industry you need to be “detail oriented, a multi-tasker, organized and an excellent writer.” As a

Talk the Talk: Why Having a Personal PR Plan is Important

By Laura Baumann, Intern In the world of public relations we strive each day to represent our clients or companies in the best way possible. All professionals are only as good as their reputations, and maintaining that reputation should always be a top priority. When I

The Podcast Realm

Laura Baumann, Intern Since their debut, Podcasting has slowly but steadily become a popular way for people to send and receive information. Today, through the evolution of technology and the internet, podcasts are doing what we as a society have historically done through radio stations.  A