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Social Networking Sites: The Dangers of Job Searching

By: Christina Roman, Intern When you sit at your computer what is the first thing you do? You check all of your social networking site accounts.  Almost everyone has a Facebook or a Twitter account. People are constantly checking for status updates, notifications, new friend requests,

Reality… And why it bites.

By Christina Roman, Intern So you've graduated college and are looking for a job, but your degree is not for your intended dream position. What do you do? I figured for my first blog post as an intern here at Fusion Public Relations I would discuss the shortcomings

Quit Hiding Behind The Curtains

By Danielle Wald, Intern Using various social media sites has become the norm in today’s world. This occurrence has allowed many to post activity on these sites without any indication or worries of the implications of the material. It is essential to be cautious of whether

I’ve got the key… it’s called experience

By Danielle Wald, Intern Making a career choice can be one of the most daunting experiences in a person’s life. There are thousands of paths one could take and it seems almost impossible to make the right decision. So, how is it that people arrive at