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Reality… And why it bites.

Reality… And why it bites.

By Christina Roman, Intern

So you’ve graduated college and are looking for a job, but your degree is not for your intended dream position. What do you do? I figured for my first blog post as an intern here at Fusion Public Relations I would discuss the shortcomings and hard work you’ll have to endure during your job hunt. Everyone goes to school thinking they have a passion for a certain field, but halfway through decide that it isn’t what you actually want to do for a living. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Having a degree in Sociology I thought I would only be subjected to a boring city job or worse, having to go back to school and spend more money and time relearning a new trade.


Through my studies I discovered PR. The field is enticing at first, if you search for it; you see a lot of people enjoying the fruits of their labor before you see the hard work that was put in to them getting to that success in the first place. As a Sociology major I have the necessary skills to succeed in public relations, the only drawback is my lack of experience. Determined to succeed I have gone the internship route.  Regardless of your degree, (unless you’re in a specialized field like nursing) if you don’t have experience in that field, guaranteed you will not be called back.

So what did I do? I searched for internships. Entry-level jobs seemed to be hard to come by. 30 applications sent in one day and nothing. It was frustrating, so I finally bit the bullet and started to look for internships; paid or otherwise. Thankfully Fusion answered. While I’m here I get to have a first-hand look at how the industry works. So far I’m enjoying my time here. They have me working on things that I need to know for the future and everyone here has been very nice and extremely helpful. In the long run the experience is invaluable and what I learn here I can utilize to find a job in the industry.

Experience is the key. Don’t be afraid to do things that you wouldn’t necessarily normally do to get ahead. Everyone has to start at the bottom to get to the top.

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