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Fusion Interns

What is Public Relations Anyway?

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern What is Public Relations Anyway? As graduation season quickly approaches, many students will be faced with the infamous question; what did you major in? Unlike other somewhat obvious majors like computer science or history, public relations students are usually asked a follow up

Surviving an Ever-Evolving Field

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern It’s no secret that the public relations field has been changing throughout the years. With the rise of social media and digital content, the industry has gone through a major shift. No longer are public relations professionals strictly focused on targeting

Social Media and Your Business

By Cynthia Hurtado, Intern Many business owners I know ask me for social media advice since I’m a millennial and have had some experience in the field. Truth of the matter is, not all businesses belong on all social media channels. There are a few businesses

Public Relations: Around the World

By Jennifer Ren, Intern   Leaving New York City and moving across the world to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates was a huge change. Adding to the changing environments, cultures and people was having the opportunity to intern at a US-based public relations firm in

The Never-Ending Chase After “Cool”

By: Megan Li, Intern As a new intern at Fusion PR, there is plenty to learn and experience but there’s been one thing that sticks out to me the most. It’s the reality that some of the top tech companies have done such a good job

A World without Phone Chargers

By Victoria Perlak (Intern) The days of power cords and chargers may be over in a few short years. Wireless energy is only continuing to grow and become more prominent in the US. Companies have been swift to hop on the wireless energy bandwagon. Starbucks was

What Makes a Worthwhile Internship?

By Victoria Perlak (Intern) Mashable recently posted an article, outlining six signs to know if your internship is worth your time. I have only been an intern here for two weeks, but I can already tell that my Fusion PR internship is DEFINITELY worthwhile. Here’s why: 1.

Learning with Twitter

By Victoria Perlak (Intern) Twitter is an invaluable tool to the public relations industry, as well as great way to connect with both friends and strangers. But this social media platform has also become a learning tool, a way for college students to actively engage in

College: Beyond Books and Tests

By: Samantha Seymour (Intern) I can’t think of a better way to top off my senior year at Adelphi University than with an internship at Fusion PR. I’m learning a great deal about public relations each and every day and have new insight for the ongoing

Reflections on a Winter Internship

By Erica Gossett (Intern) While many people spent their winter break getting some rays in the sun on their vacations, I had the opportunity to intern at Fusion Public Relations. On my arrival, Fusion made me feel very welcome and like I was part of the