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9to5 Blogging Impresario Seth Weintraub Chimes in

I had the pleasure of meeting blogging entrepreneur Seth Weintraub over coffee last week. My friend Adam Rothberg arranged an intro after informing me that the head of the "9to5" empire (including 9to5Mac, Google and Toys) lives in our town, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. I was very excited

The Never-Ending Chase After “Cool”

By: Megan Li, Intern As a new intern at Fusion PR, there is plenty to learn and experience but there’s been one thing that sticks out to me the most. It’s the reality that some of the top tech companies have done such a good job

iPad – Heavyweights Weigh In

David Pogue, NY Times: "The bottom line is that you can get a laptop for much less money -- with a full keyboard, DVD drive, USB jacks, camera-card slot, camera, the works. Besides: If you've already got a laptop and a smartphone, who's going to

Head in the Clouds??

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PR It’s easy for people to get confused by tech concepts today, especially with the sheer number of technology advancements, software developer kits (SDK) and concepts being thrown left and right in the media. The

The Battle of the Bulging iPhone…

By: Jeff Bratton, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PR With version 2.0 looming, I figure it’s time Fusion weighs-in on the iPhone. In anticipation of the product update, a wide range of enthusiasts, consumers and industry groups look

Capturing the Web 2.0 Expo

By: Amber Henrie, Account Executive, Fusion PR The Web 2.0 Expo was a wonderful experience. I feel the organizers should be commended for the lay-out of the expo as they were smart to serve lunch in the back of the