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The Battle of the Bulging iPhone…

The Battle of the Bulging iPhone…

By: Jeff Bratton, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PR

With version 2.0 looming, I figure it’s time Fusion weighs-in on the iPhone.

In anticipation of the product update, a wide range of enthusiasts, consumers and industry groups look forward to a summer announcement. People are intrigued…without question. However, the manic fervor that accompanied the first product won’t return with its predecessor.

As expected, it will support 3G, be somewhat sturdier and address keyboard – read: enterprise – issues. And although the user interface will likely receive a style upgrade, everyone knows that Apple is the king of a clean UI.

Personally, I’m most fascinated to see the ways in which Apple’s new product focuses on business users and their need for an easy-to-navigate keypad. Touch-screens are slick, but often times impractical. As it currently stands, Apple is the final word in multimedia devices – the only handset that gracefully handles playtime functionality. The only thing keeping the iPhone from really dominating the mobile world, is its limiting keyboard.

On the business side, RIM and its Blackberry line of products have been largely left alone to meet the needs of professionals on the move. These neatly compartmentalized plays won’t last much longer. Apple’s iPhone 2.0 will undoubtedly take a greater aim at the enterprise market; while RIM, in somewhat defensive move, is aggressively becoming more video/music/camera/Internet friendly. Although unconfirmed, recent announcements of touch-screen and clamshell RIM devices support this.

The war is on, and it promises to be colorful battle.

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