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It's All About the Smartphone

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern It’s difficult to deny that our society is addicted to the Smartphone. In a recent New York Times article by Martin Lindstrom, “You Love Your iPhone. Literally,” Lindstrom compared our dedication or rather obsession with the iPhone to some people’s devotion to

Shielding Social Media?

The incident begs the question, “should bloggers be protected under the same ‘Shield Laws’ that protect traditional journalists?”

The Battle of the Bulging iPhone…

By: Jeff Bratton, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PR With version 2.0 looming, I figure it’s time Fusion weighs-in on the iPhone. In anticipation of the product update, a wide range of enthusiasts, consumers and industry groups look

Dead Mobility

By: Ben Baruch, SAE, Fusion PRAs a neophyte iPhone user, I am just beginning to understand ‘the world at your fingertips mentality,’ by spending minutes a day using the Safari Web browser. However, prior to this experience, I never once used the Internet via