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Advertising Taking over Social Media

By Connie Hoi, Intern Advertisers are one of the biggest hunters for new locations for placing ads. They usually go for placements where people can see and admire their products. Traditional methods like billboards and reading material have become sparse because of minimal space and the

The Social Media Wall of Shame

By Laura Baumann, Intern Since the early 2000s social media communication has profoundly changed the way we interact with one another and the world around us. Today you can connect to someone through networking sites that cover virtually every special interest out there.  In fact, there

Teens’ Technology Addiction Has Its Benefits

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern Over the past few years teens have been heavily critiqued for their excessive use of the internet and phone. Undoubtedly, the internet and phone have a huge presence in our day-to-day lives, but the effects of using these technologies are not always

Join the Tippexperience!

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern For my blog this week, I want you to be entertained but still talk about social media and how the Internet can be effective in our job. This semester for my advertising class, I had to choose a buzz campaign to

The Beauty and the Beast of Social Media

By Carole Bersillon, Intern A high-school teacher always repeated to me, “everything has a downside.” Social Media platforms are unanimously praised, studied and considered as the new means for social interaction and conversation. But sometimes social media can be wrong and appear as trivial and superficial.

Information Overload and the Private Realm

By Arieh Levi, Intern Before I start my first blog post, I believe some introductions are in order. Hi! My name is Arieh Levi. I am currently a senior at the SAR High School in Riverdale. I am interning at Fusion PR for my Senior Exploration, which

As the Domino's Fall

By: Stephen Andrews, Vice President, Fusion PRIt’s hard to know where to even start with this one. Talk about damage to a brand in the most extreme way I think I’ve ever witnessed in nearly 20 years in this business. I suppose we should

What makes a video viral?

By, Talia Andrews, Senior Account Executive, Fusion PR - @taliaARIt’s a million dollar question communication professionals search for and our clients look to us to answer. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an article, entitled, "Recipe for a Successful Viral Video Campaign" - highlighting