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What makes a video viral?

What makes a video viral?

By, Talia Andrews, Senior Account Executive, Fusion PR – @taliaAR
It’s a million dollar question communication professionals search for and our clients look to us to answer. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an article, entitled, “Recipe for a Successful Viral Video Campaign” – highlighting tips for successful viral campaigns.
The one sentence I believe to be most important:

“People need to feel that sense of discovery when they come onto it.”

I couldn’t agree more and in fact, the viewer has to have a connection with the content. For a video to be passed along, the viewer must be able to relate, in some way or another. I’ll reference the “Christian the Lion” video (a YouTube phenomenon which left many at their desks in tears while Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” blared through the speakers).
Who would have thought that the tale of a lion cub, being set free and years later, reunited with its owners, would attract over 10 million views? Why? I believe the answer is simple. Every person can relate to having lost something and seeing it come back. But even more so, each viewer felt like they discovered and connected with the video without it being forced upon them by a brand.
What do you think makes a video viral?
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