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Say it loud! Companies’ spokespersons and voice

By Carole Bersillon In the noisy and saturated world we live in, organizations have to find a recognizable voice to push their messages and be heard in the crowd of outlets, competitors and messages. The corporate voice represents and advocates for the organization. Sometimes the CEO,

"I'm Not Dead Yet"

By, Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion LA (@chrisamichaels) Living in LA, I’m constantly bombarded with the obsessive need for instant contact with the rest of the world. Everyone must have a smartphone or some form of social media on their person, and if you don’t,

What makes a video viral?

By, Talia Andrews, Senior Account Executive, Fusion PR - @taliaARIt’s a million dollar question communication professionals search for and our clients look to us to answer. On Wednesday, The Wall Street Journal published an article, entitled, "Recipe for a Successful Viral Video Campaign" - highlighting

Is Today's Print Media On the Wrong Track??

By, Justin Finnegan, Senior Account Executive, Fusion PRand Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PRIn this week’s issue of The New Yorker, James Surowiecki has a very interesting piece on the failures of the newspaper industry to remain relevant in an increasingly electronic world. What really

Mossberg Takes a Stand

By Beth Fichtel, Vice President Global Central Media Team, N.Y. There are many reasons why Walter Mossberg is considered one of the most influential technology journalists of our time and today’s Personal Technology column is a clear reminder of that.

WSJ Tips from a Flack

By Beth Fichtel, Vice President Global Central Media Team, N.Y. The recent Wall Street Journal article, “When Celebrities Get Flak They Call in This Flack,” has some interesting PR tips that I want to share. Yes, yes I know this