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Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

By Christina Roman, Intern In this day and age technology has made life easier for everyone in so many different ways. Everything is faster and easier to obtain. Why cook rice the old fashion way when you can throw it in the microwave? Why own a

Is Today's Print Media On the Wrong Track??

By, Justin Finnegan, Senior Account Executive, Fusion PRand Chris Michaels, Senior Account Manager, Fusion PRIn this week’s issue of The New Yorker, James Surowiecki has a very interesting piece on the failures of the newspaper industry to remain relevant in an increasingly electronic world. What really

March Madness or Bandwidth Madness?

By, Jeff Horn - LA Office Intern There is an amazing amount of content available on the Web, with videos and music being the biggest bandwidth hogs of them all. But there could be a potential third “hog” to step on the