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5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … What Companies Should Know About Social Media

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … What Companies Should Know About Social Media

By Amanda Pecora, Intern

Social media is a huge phenomenon and impacts our lives on a daily basis. Even though it is great to have for personal use, professionals have been using at as well to stay connected and increase company growth. Social media provides instant access to all types of information all over the world. This free form of technology gives companies the ability to interact with people worldwide in just seconds. Here are some fun facts and tips regarding the use of professional social media.

5 Misconceptions Companies Have Regarding Social Media

1) “I created a page, so people know I’m there.”

No just because it’s there, doesn’t mean people will care. A company may have a Twitter or Facebook page, but it doesn’t entitle them to millions of followers. Social media is all about awareness, intrigue and entertainment. Before using social media to promote the company itself, the company has to engage itself with the people they want following them. It takes work and a certain amount of time devoted to these social media sites each day. Build a social media plan which includes increasing tweets, posts and updates relevant to your followers. The more engaged you are in these sites, the more followers you tend to have, and the more interested people will be in your company.

2) “I am the person writing the social media updates, so my opinion matters.”

Companies need to realize that the person they choose to monitor and contribute to their social media sites is very similar to a spokesperson. Tweets, wall posts and statuses reach thousands of followers in just minutes, so the spokesperson needs to make sure he/she is optimistic, enthusiastic and uniform in their voice. Personal opinion doesn’t matter because he/she is posting for the company and needs to remember to represent their views positively.

3) “It’s all about me.”

Even though a company uses social media to promote themselves, they still want to make sure they represent their audience and participate in discussions with them. It’s like the saying, “We were given two ears, but only one mouth.” Letting your audience know that you read their posts and messages is how you connect with them. This will ultimately benefit the company more than continuous postings and lack of responses to followers’ questions, comments, or concerns.

4) “My personal life won’t interfere with the company.”

Separating your personal life with business is extremely important, especially if you are the one writing the posts and tweets for your company’s social media accounts. In order to do this, it is best to create separate Twitters, Facebooks or whatever other social media you are on. This way there will be no desire to post personal opinions on your company page.

5) “The negative opinions of the company don’t matter.”

In order to have a social media account, companies need to be prepared that there will always be negative comments. Even though we don’t always like to see the negative things being said about us, negative comments can fuel a company to see where they need to improve. Customer satisfaction is extremely important. Being able to see what people think so quickly is really beneficial to a company’s understanding of the consumer/business they are working with.

4 Ways for Companies to Use Social Media Effectively

1) Get in touch with your customer base.

This is your opportunity to see what people like, don’t like, want and need.

2) Keep up with your Competitors.

Take a look at your competitors’ social media accounts and see if they are doing things that you aren’t. Observing the responses they are getting from their customers and how they interact with them can help your own social media plan.

3) Monitor positive/negative reactions of the company.

4) Generate new ideas.

3 Statistics about Social Media

1)      4 out of 5 Internet users visit social networks and blogs.

2)      Facebook has over 800 million users worldwide.

3)      Twitter has over 400 million users worldwide.

2 of the Top Social Media Platforms to Be Active On

1)      Twitter

2)      Facebook

1 Caution Regarding Social Media

1)      Whatever you post will be on the Internet forever, even if there is a “delete” button. Be aware that what you say is always there and will always reflect the company’s image and reputation.

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