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How NOT to pitch TechCrunch your ICO

I attended the ICORating Investment Summit in New York last week.  It was a day of great sessions and panels featuring journalists, investors and those behind successful ICOs. One session I was especially interested in was John Biggs' talk on marketing. He is a veteran tech

The Never-Ending Chase After “Cool”

By: Megan Li, Intern As a new intern at Fusion PR, there is plenty to learn and experience but there’s been one thing that sticks out to me the most. It’s the reality that some of the top tech companies have done such a good job

Successfully Marketing your Brand through Blogs

By Christina Roman, Intern Blogs are becoming commonplace on the Internet. Many people have started one to get themselves noticed. Bloggers write about their day, express their feelings, talk about their favorite things and complain about things that make them upset. Blogs are an excellent way

Press Embargoes – Our take on the Debate

Robert Geller (@rgeller)Senior VPPress embargoes are once again in the news. Yesterday, Michael Arrington issued his latest rant which follows a series of announcements over the past year from TechCrunch, the WSJ and others regarding stated policies on embargoes and exclusives. For the uninitiated,

PR's Moment of Truth

Bob GellerSenior VP"Moments of Truth" is a phrase used in the customer service field (from the book of the same name) to describe the indelible feelings you are left with when the brand either delivers on its promises or falls far short. Typically, the latter

Getting Your Name in Print

Meghan O'HaraAccount ExecutiveYears of hard work are finally about to pay off as launch day has at last arrived. Your PR agency has lined up interviews with different publications and you begin to think that it's only a matter of time before your company is

Boosting your EQ (Empathy Quotient) in Tech PR

Bob GellerThe NY Times featured an interview with Dev Patnaik, author of "Wired to Care", about the importance of developing a sense of empathy with customers. His main point is that, despite all the noise that is made about the need

Crossing the Blogging Chasm

Bob GellerSenior VPI am not sure exactly when it happened but I think we have crossed an important threshold - one in which some of the new communications tools that have arrived on the scene over the past few years (I am thinking primarily of

The Driver’s Ed of PR

By: Janet Park, Account Executive, Fusion PR Most PR professionals have learned basic PR 101 skills and is constantly schooled on How Not to Pitch a Reporter, but many of us still seem to make the same mistakes. A recent Gawker