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Crossing the Blogging Chasm

Crossing the Blogging Chasm

Bob Geller
Senior VP

I am not sure exactly when it happened but I think we have crossed an important threshold – one in which some of the new communications tools that have arrived on the scene over the past few years (I am thinking primarily of blogs, but obviously others could apply) are not regarded as discrete entities but rather are part of a constellation of tools that are just there, and are increasingly being used and assumed as being an important part of our daily lives and the fabric of how we communicate and get info.

You can look back and make analogies to other technologies. For example, the Internet at first was regarded as a special animal, and there were trade shows and publications dedicated to the Internet. These days, that seems quaint, the Internet is just there, and can be used for a range of purposes. Although in the early days companies had to have an Internet strategy, conversations about this today would make no more sense than the need to have a software strategy.

I thought about this while we were planning activities for a major tech trade show with a client. The client seemed to want to have a strategy for the blogs, as if the very existence of a blog and its associated blogger warranted special consideration. I pointed out that blogging is merely incidental, it is just technology. Bloggers these days could be CEOs, industry analysts, journalists, technology users, or any combination. Much better to get to know the individuals, and what they blog about (as well as other communications modes they use) when considering how to engage them.

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