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The Driver’s Ed of PR

The Driver’s Ed of PR

By: Janet Park, Account Executive, Fusion PR

Most PR professionals have learned basic PR 101 skills and is constantly schooled on How Not to Pitch a Reporter, but many of us still seem to make the same mistakes. A recent Gawker post kindly decided to offer PR professionals a public service announcement.

The following pitch was emailed to a hedge fund reporter.

[As the gas prices sky rocket and the housing market cools down to a standstill companies are looking for ways to hold on to customers while the economy recovers. How do businesses operate inside of a volatile market and keep hold of their customers? Long Island based car shop, Unique Auto Sports has mastered that formula and retains its long list of celebrity clientele along with its normal customers through is 10 year track record of impeccable customer service.]

One might think that editing an email list would be basic knowledge, but in the PR/media world, time = money. In the end, spending the extra 20 minutes to filter a list will deem invaluable.

Like the Gawker blog states, “pitches like this are why reporters hate PR people.” I could never truly understand why reporters had this vendetta towards PR professionals, but after seeing actions like this, it isn’t too hard to grasp. In years to come, I’m sure the reporter will remember this PR professional’s name.

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