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It’s just not fun getting your emails ignored

Picture this scene: You’re a journalist who gets 300-600 email pitches a day, each one with an eager PR professional on the other side of the cyber wall waiting (possibly desperately waiting) for your response. There is clearly no way that you can open all

Tips for pitching broadcast media

A few weeks ago Fusionites had the good fortune of being able to pick the brain of a veteran broadcast journalist during our company wide education session. Our guest was straightforward, honest and humorous about what we were doing right and what we were doing…

The Sound of Silence… Part Deux.

By Sara Preto Emails, phone calls and the dreaded follow ups… oh, the joys of PR. We all fell into this industry for one reason or another but one thing is for sure, we can relate to this clever post from PR Daily. As someone who has

P is for Pitch

The truth is that nobody wants to write an article about an ordinary boring event that happens on a weekly basis at “XYZ” company.

Pulling People in with Attention-grabbing Headlines

By: Bob Geller, SVP Fusion PR (@rgeller)I wrote earlier this week about the importance of being able to grab attention with concise, punchy writing (Crafting Headlines that Pop).Whether someone is looking through their e-mail inbox, headlines in their news reader, or scouring search engine results,

The Crowdsourcing Phenomenon

By: Chris Michaels, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PRA few weeks ago, I was going through my HARO distribution, and came across a unique opportunity to submit a client for a story in a highly-respected small-business and VC publication. The reporter asked people

Christmas in July

By: Frank Fay, Associate Account Executive, Fusion PRJuly is usually known for Independence Day celebrations, fireworks, and as the half way marker of summer. But for many PR professionals, July is known for something far different –pitching holiday gift guides. So while the rest of

Pitching the Big Wigs: What to say in your 7 seconds

By: Talia Andrews, Sr. Account Manager, Fusion PRAh…building relationships with the big guys… a task that every PR professional has been intimidated by at some point in their career. Will you get hung up on? Yes. Will you get insulted? That depends…but most likely. Will