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Teens’ Technology Addiction Has Its Benefits

By Rachael Barthelmes, Intern Over the past few years teens have been heavily critiqued for their excessive use of the internet and phone. Undoubtedly, the internet and phone have a huge presence in our day-to-day lives, but the effects of using these technologies are not always

Pitch or Silence the Phones?

My colleague Bob Geller's post, Hypocrisy Rampant in When not to Pitch a Story, focused on outreach to reporters during sensitive news periods, like the one earlier this week with the announcement of Bin Laden’s death. It’s not always easy to determine the appropriateness of a topic

Welcome to the blogosphere

With the proliferation of the Internet and the availability and ease of online posting, blogging has become a prevalent source of information on the web.

A Blogger's Perspective on Pitching Bloggers

By Tara Settembre, Account Manager, L.A. The mobile tech blog, Mobhappy designed a choice of three simple logos for bloggers to display on their blogs, which spell out, at a glance, how they'd like PR people to approach them,

Links of the trade

By The Fusion Reading Committee There are many websites floating around the Internet that can be helpful to PR and tech professionals. It’s only a matter of time that they’re found and utilized. Like an Easy Bake Oven, we’ve