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Welcome to the blogosphere

Welcome to the blogosphere

By Jeff Ballif, Intern (@jeffballif)

With the proliferation of the Internet and the availability and ease of online posting, blogging has become a prevalent source of information on the web. However, as much useful and accurate information is available, there is also a lot of inaccurate and sensationalized information on the web.

The issue that web surfers face is the reliability of the news they read on blogs. Since anyone can blog, there is nobody to ensure that what is appearing on the blogs is accurate or trustworthy.

One angry or dissatisfied customer can write a blog about how bad they think a company is and how terrible their services or products are. Whether or not the content of the blog is true, there are people out there who will read the blog and will believe what they read without further research.

However, blogs should not be ignored as a positive public relations tool. As easily as nonprofessionals can post negative blogs, so can public relations professionals use blogs as a way to put out positive messages that highlight the strengths of their clients. Gizmodo is a good example of a well known blog that features product reviews. To have a good review on Gizmodo can go a long way in the tech world. Blogs like these can also be a good way for a company to publicly react to bad press.

To ignore blogs entirely would be a waste of potential for any individual or corporate PR strategy. Although there are blogs that may be considered an illegitimate source of news, there are also reliable blogs like Gizmodo or Engadget. For better or for worse, blogs are here to stay.

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