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Don’t Get Left in the Dust

Don’t Get Left in the Dust

By Kelsey Judd, Intern

Social media is evolving and transforming the way PR professionals do their job. Unless someone wants to be left in the dust, they better understand the changes. Exclusive articles are losing their value because if information were to be leaked, it is leaked to the world, not just a neighbor. Social media can and will quickly push around the once “exclusive” information before you know it. The brand image and message that a PR professional worked so hard to create can be easily bantered by anyone with an opinion online. They are talking on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and forums.  A valid source is not just a major publication, it can be a blogger. News becomes old news in a matter of days, if not hours.

The savvy PR professional already recognizes these changes. Previously successful methods will not deliver the same results in today’s ever-changing media. A professional should engage directly into network connections to spread the word and build awareness for a client. They also need to know who the influencers are and how to influence them. Lastly, they need to be analyzing and listening to the on-going conversation. If not done already, throw out the manuscript because social media is changing the way things are done.

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