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Four Big Ideas that Can Transform Your PR

They huddle around a conference room table. The lights go dark. The 35 mm slide projector floods the screen. It's backlight shines an eerie glow on the presenter's lower face. This is not just some an ad man (or woman). It's the sermon from the

Successfully Marketing your Brand through Blogs

By Christina Roman, Intern Blogs are becoming commonplace on the Internet. Many people have started one to get themselves noticed. Bloggers write about their day, express their feelings, talk about their favorite things and complain about things that make them upset. Blogs are an excellent way

How does social media differ from B2B to B2C?

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern Today, small as well as big brands use social media to interact with their customers. I am not going to talk about how brands enhance their clients via Twitter or Facebook, as this has already been told many times now. I’d

Social media is already passé in Silicon Valley

By Carole Bersillon, Intern Nowadays it is an obvious fact that social media cannot be ignored by PR professionals. Agencies have to build their digital presence to demonstrate their ability to manage online branding, online influence or their capacity to be there where it is trendy.

Required Reading: "Behind the Scenes" in Tech PR

“So they put over 820 million whosawhatsits on the thingy and provided 2.0 Gigasomethings, coupled with a gizmo that drives another doohickey! …And that’s why we’re the leader in innovation.” Yeah. Right. What he said.