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Successfully Marketing your Brand through Blogs

Successfully Marketing your Brand through Blogs

By Christina Roman, Intern

Blogs are becoming commonplace on the Internet. Many people have started one to get themselves noticed. Bloggers write about their day, express their feelings, talk about their favorite things and complain about things that make them upset. Blogs are an excellent way to market your brand; food, fashion, make-up and PR blogs are the most popular topics among blog creators and writers. Many success stories told by people had them saying they got their start on a blog.

The great thing about owning a blog is the fact that your writing is kept fresh. Some of the most popular blogging sites are Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress, and LiveJournal; there are a lot more but these seem to be the most popular. Here are some great tips to have a successful blog:

  1. Stick to one topic. This is going to be your brand.
  2. Be passionate. If you truly love something and make the commitment followers will come.
  3. Be aesthetically pleasing. Post lots of pictures. Pick a layout that’s not too complicated to navigate and at the same time isn’t boring or bland. A lot of ad clutter is a turn off.
  4. Post consistently. Don’t post every 20 minutes, this will bombard your followers. Also don’t post once a month, you’ll lose the interest of your followers. Give yourself a schedule. 2 posts a day is a good medium; one detailed post and one micro post are ideal. It’ll keep your followers engaged.
  5. Make it interactive. Communicate with your followers. You can do this with promotions, giveaways, offer to answer questions, give advice and polls. It will make you more appealing to people as you come off approachable and shows you genuinely love what you do.
  6. Network. Get yourself out there. Link your site in as many places as possible. Promote, promote, promote.

These are just a few tips to consider. I’ve come across quite a few people who have been able to successfully market their brand just by launching a blog. They even hold blogger summits where bloggers come together and network. A lot of companies and brands even pay or offer freebies to those who run extremely successful blogs. It seems like it’s easy to run a blog and success happens over night, but realistically it’s not. It’s a lot of hard work. You’ll have to keep up with changing trends, set aside time to post and constantly think of new ways to keep your followers engaged and interested in your brand. If you’re thinking of starting a blog here is a great article with more detailed tips for success; Successful Blog Launch.

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