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PR Re-Defined by Richard Edelman

By Alison Lee, Intern Let’s be honest, most of society perceives public relations in a negative light. Workers in the industry are perceived as manipulators and disingenuous, according to a U.K. newspaper a few years back.[1] But those of us in the industry (or aspiring to

Let’s obey to the trend, let’s do infographics

By Carole Bersillon, Intern Infographics seem to be the hot topic now in PR and communications. Piece of evidence is that Bob Geller, Fusion’s President and active blogger, wrote two blog posts dealing with visual content last week: Putting Pictures to Work in PR - Infographics

How does social media differ from B2B to B2C?

By Hannan Ben Slimane, Intern Today, small as well as big brands use social media to interact with their customers. I am not going to talk about how brands enhance their clients via Twitter or Facebook, as this has already been told many times now. I’d

IR and Social Media in 2010

The SEC is as Orwellian as you can get when it comes to full disclosure and holding companies liable for what they said. Thus, public companies and startups need to closely examine both the regulatory guidelines and rules for social media participation.

Messaging in the Era of Modular Information

By, Stephen Andrews, Vice President, Fusion PR (@stevebandrews)It’s a curse, I see messaging everywhere and I simply cannot resist turning it over and over in my mind, looking for inconsistencies, for ways to improve and tighten and most importantly to see if the increasingly fragmented