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Let’s obey to the trend, let’s do infographics

Let’s obey to the trend, let’s do infographics

By Carole Bersillon, Intern

Infographics seem to be the hot topic now in PR and communications. Piece of evidence is that Bob Geller, Fusion’s President and active blogger, wrote two blog posts dealing with visual content last week: Putting Pictures to Work in PR – Infographics Resources and You Should Be in Pictures; Tips for Integrating Visual Content into the Marketing Mix. Reading these posts, and from a personal real interest in visual content and infographics, I wanted to try the design tools Bob listed to a topic of my own. I have used Photshop and InDesign in the past to design newsletters, flyers or reports. But these free online programs offer templates for easier and quicker infographics. Personnally, I do not think they offer a lot of possibilities so far (especially concerning customization) but they are great for beginners or easy pieces of information.

Since it is my last blog post as an intern for Fusion, I wanted to write the traditional blog post that sums up my experience and lists the skills I gained and the projects I worked on. But the list would be very long and maybe hard to read and understand. So to conclude my Fusion PR experience and obey to the trend of infographics, I wrapped it (almost) all in an infographic.

From this info graphics experience I drew the following conclusions:

–          Infographics is time consuming if you care about details;

–          The information has to be relevant and meaningful, some content fits infographics, some just does not;

–          Be creative;

–          Be simple and think about your reader;

–          Avoid too many words;

–          Look at examples on Internet, some people are really at what they;

–          Do your best and hope the result is good.

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